Global Promoters for Community Initiative came to light by indigenous professionals living in the country to engage protection on a Qualitative Health, Empowerment and Capacity Buildings with action research which based on participatory approach by all the levels of the community on their priorities for the future through GPCI.

 Global Promoters for Community Initiatives is aimed to create employment opportunities and income generation projects for the Youth, Women and poor rural community to reduce the level of poverty and contribute National Development Goals through its empowerment programme. Global Promoters for Community Initiatives also provides training, Researches and Capacity Buildings to Local Authorities and Civil Society in supporting Good Governance with in the Local Authorities and Community initiatives and advocacy protection for all human being to create Positive environment and develop society, Politically, Economically throughout the nation. Global promoters for community initiatives is a registered members of Global green organization, USA.

Global Promoters for Community Initiatives is a private non-political, non-profitable organization created in 2005 to respond to current need of people in order to sustained, strengthen and promote qualitative health, good governance initiatives and empowerment is managed by independent non-partisan indigenous professionals whom have been experiencing practically & technically on various fields of capacity buildings of humanitarian sectors and community development projects as they have had special trainings .

GPCI Propose As indigenous professionals on humanitarian sectors and capacity buildings, they felt that there is an urgent need for interventions and they had the ability to access the grass roots and act as a bridge between the suffering and desperate local communities and the government and other relevant stakeholders, International organizations, well-wishers and people that are willing to help the community people. This was the philosophy behind the establishment of GPCI.


  • Non-governmental
  • Non-partisan
  • Non-religious
  • Non-racial
  • Non-profit making
  • Non-political
  • Social and civil society organization work principles:

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of the people in rural Communities in Africa.

Our Vision

We are committed to address community developmental issues, working in partnership with other Organizations to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities.

Our Goals

  • To improve the health and reduce the human disease burden in the community as our research focus is rural areas, as many infectious disease threats originate in this area, but many of the principles are globally applicable.
  • To improve the quality of lives of young people and women through series of empowerment programmes. (abled and disabled).

Our Objectives

  • To conduct research into major health problems which threaten rural areas and beyond.
  • To engage with the communities who host us and hence inspire and involve current and future generations in medical research.
  • To promote healthy living among the youth, children and women against the deadly diseases such as Malaria, Hiv/Aids, TB, Diarrhea, Hepatitis, Measles etc.
  • To strengthen community through capacity building initiatives programmes.
  • To promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nation.
  • To collaborate, networking and partnering with the relevant agencies with similar objectives.


  1. A) Accountably and Transparency
  2. B) Responsibility
  3. C) Confidentiality
  4. D) Respect for others
  5. E) Commitment and Dedication
  6. F) Networking
  7. G) Performance and team work

The Pact primary focuses are: –

  • Health
  • Education
    • Good Governance
    • Anti Corruption
    • Democracy
  • Empowerment

GPCI Management Staff has access for all skilled and experienced professionals who have capacity and competent to involve all the desired activities that promotes the Goal and Objectives of the Institution. The professional staff of Management whom periodically review their activities to appraise and provide them Human resource development trainings on the job trainings and technical assistance to undertake systematically their duties and responsibilities GPCI has also technical consultants of Engineering, Designing, and Planning etc.


  • Hon (Arc) Abubakar Gomma ———————-Chairman
  • Mr. Kalejaiye Olasunkanmi ————————E.Director
  • Sarah James —————————————–Secretary
  • Kalejaiye Adetola————————————Member
  • Mr Dada Adeyinka———————————-Member


  • Traditional rulers.
  • Youth,childrren and women.
  • Religious leaders.



Global Promoters for Community Initiatives is the lead organization coordination Association of Civil Society on Malaria Control, immunization and Nutrition (ACOMIN) in Niger State.

Also, we are the state coordinator of Civil Society Platform on Health in Niger State with its membership spread across TB network, HIV/Aids network, AOON network, Acomin and Nephwan.