Niger gov’s wife decries plighgt of health sector

Wife to the Governor of Niger State, Dr. Amina Abubarkar Sani Bello, has expressed sadness that the state was not benefiting maximally from donor agencies willing to partner it to improving the health sector of the state due to non-constitution of boards.
Despite the lean resources but numerous financial obligations it is grappling with, Niger State government, the governor’s wife said, has tried in ensuring that quality and affordable functional Primary Haelth Care (PHC) delivery system exists in all the 274 wards in the state.
She made the observation when the Global Promoters for Community Initiative (GPCI) team led by the state coordinator, Primary Health Care Under One Roof (PHCUOR), Mr. Kalejaiye Olasunkanmi, visited her office.
She promise that the state government would ensure the state benefitted maximally from donor agencies and developmental partners willing to support the state health sector.

The Governor Bello’s wife said that she could not understand why appointing and inaugurating Board for Niger State Primary Health Care Development Agency (NSPHCDA) and related parastatals for the benefits of all Nigerlites was being delayed.
“I am aware some Boards were inaugurated recently. Why is there no board in place causing Niger state not to benefit maximally from donor agencies and developmental partners in the health sector. I may not readily explain but I will find out why because we are the ones losing afterall,” she said.

The PHCUOR State Advocacy Team leader, Niger, Mr. Olasunkanmi Kalejaiye, had solicited the intervention and support of the governor’s wife to end the delay in setting up board for the PHC because ‘Niger state is losing millions of Naira from donor agencies and developmental partners’.