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Forum d’assistance. Can I disable the sending of my IP deal with to Google?7 réponses one a ce problème 1051 vues Dernière réponse par cor-el il y a one an. It says in Mozilla documentation: “By default, Firefox utilizes Google Place Expert services to figure out your area by sending: your computer’s IP tackle” https://guidance. mozilla. org/en-US/kb/does-firefox-share-my-area-internet websites. I do not want Google to know where by I am and accumulate a file on my searching background. I’m not conversing about accomplishing this on a smartphone the place spot is vital this is on a Laptop. I did not see it in Tastes, but can it be disabled by entering about:config and shifting one particular of the shown choices?Solution choisie. yes you can disable geo location. type about:config in handle bar and hit enter and accept the warning, and research for geo. enabled and double simply click on it to alter it to false . Outils de questions Obtenir des mises à jour par courriel S’inscrire au flux. Détails additionnels sur le système. Application. Agent utilisateur : Mozilla/five.

(X11 Linux x8664 rv:60. ) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/sixty. Plus d’informations. Étiquettes. Solution choisie. yes you can disable geo locale. type about:config in tackle bar and strike enter and take the warning, and lookup for geo. enabled and double click on it to transform it to false . Réponse utile. A laptop would have GeoLocation capabilities and makes use of, but a desktop that is “plugged into” the online link you use does not have any need for GeoLocation attributes and will not have the capabilities. Block the IP address and you “crack the online”. The IP address may well “level in the direction of” your genuine physical place, but not inside of a 1/4 mile nearly all the time. There is a site https://my-ips.co/ placing in Possibilities/Preferences. Options/Preferences -> Privacy and Protection -> Permissions: Spot Applications -> Website page Data -> Permissions: Accessibility your Area. Note that internet websites can constantly do a reverse DNS lookup of your IP to get details like your location. When a internet site works by using Geo spot then Firefox will often inquire for authorization (there is a special icon at the left end of the spot bar). This could possibly aid (a minor) :When you might be on the Gmail web page, click on the ‘i’ in a circle, future to the padlock at the remaining aspect of the address bar.

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That will choose you to ‘Page Info’. Then click on the tiny black arrow on the dropdown and then on ‘More Information’. Click on on the ‘Permissions’ tab and scroll down to ‘Access Your Location’.

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Uncheck ‘Use Default’ and look at ‘Block’. Note that this is not about Google internet sites, but about utilizing a unique Geo spot service (in this scenario the Google API). Auteur de la concern. Thanks to every person for responding so promptly, on a Saturday no significantly less! And many thanks for the backlinks. I need to have stated that this particular application is a desktop Personal computer using wired Net, as it would have been a odd dilemma if I was inquiring about a laptop becoming applied in Starbucks. geo. enabled was the placing I was seeking to don’t forget. It also works in Waterfox and almost certainly Seamonkey and Pale Moon. In situation it issues, I was asking for the reason that Youtube, a/k/a Google, remembers my certain lookups. IP Addresses. Many Google Cloud resources can have inner IP addresses and exterior IP addresses. Situations use these addresses to connect with other Google Cloud sources and external units. To understand how to generate and control IP addresses for your means, browse Reserving a static exterior IP tackle. To find out about secondary interior IP addresses, read through the Alias IP ranges overview. In Google Cloud, you can assign an IP deal with to selected resources. For illustration, you can assign an interior and exterior IP handle to Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) instances.

In the same way, you can assign an interior or exterior IP address to a forwarding rule for inner or exterior load balancing, respectively.

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